Is it just me…or do movies with existentialist themes suck? Seriously. I just watched “21 grams” and boy does it suck. I don`t care what Miha Mazzini or IMDB says. This movie is a one-time-only feature. Too slow, too narrow (eventhough it`s using the jump-in-time feature, oh-so-popular with the current theme). Another sign that the movie isn`t any good is that the soundtrack contains a 25 second theme which then repeats itself over and over and over and… again.

I really don`t understand the concept of the movie where you have half an hour of crap, then Benicio del Toro or Sean Penn say something funny/witty/profound followed by another half an hour of crap and then it ends with an event you knew it will happen from the beginning. Boo-hoo-fucking-hoo. Whatever happened to witty dialogues, decent action (we are watching a movie after all, not listening to a radio broadcast) and coherence? I mean…these artsy-fartsy oh-i-am-going-to-stare-into-the-camera-for-five-minutes type of movies just ain`t my thing.

Ah…onto more pleasant subjects…

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