This was almost funny. The way my mind worked today. After work I took a stroll through the city to go into the library. Wanting to rent some DVDs. It was almost five pm and my last food intake was at about ten in the morning. Think hungry. There are three locations on the way where food can be consumed (for a cash return of course). Passing the first location I thought “You`ll get some food on the way back. They are having a special offer after five and you`ll save some money.” Walking on, passing the second diner, thinking “On the way back. Besides, they don`t accept credit cards and you have to find an ATM first, anyway“. On the way back, way after five, my stomach rumbling silently, I passed the first diner, thinking “This food sucks anyway and if you`re going to eat, eat something decent.” Passing the second food stall, my mind went “Ah, don`t bother, you`ll have to wait for the food here and by the time they get it, you`ll be already home” and passing the final food intake place, my mind went “Hey! You`re almost home. Suck it up and walk!

So I did. Sheer mind power. Mind over matter. Steak with bread and a salad over a hamburger/slice of pizza/a sandwich.

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