I watched Hitchiker`s guide to the galaxy. For all of you who are planning on see it, do not, I repeat to not click the following link, which will take you to a photo of a word that describes the feelings I have for this movie (saying that I already signified what the judgement will be, but nevertheless, you cannot say that I did not warn you). Ah, screw it, I`ll just say it. The movie blows. It`s a loose-loose combination. The fans of the book hitchiker`s guide to the galaxy will be deeply disappointed because a) some of the classic jokes have been omitted b) some of the classic jokes have been shorten and changed into something unrecognizable and c) nothing really happens in this movie. And they only filmed the first book. One out of five is not really all that good. On the other hand, the newbies will find the movie lacking in scenery detail, weak and shallow characters and will find some of the jokes depicted in this movie poor. Why? See the reasons above. In short…not worth watching, even on divx. You`ll be better off reading the original book(s) or listening to the classic BBC radio show, upon which the book was written. As for this movie…don`t panic. Forget it.

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