You see, there are days when things are slow and the pressure is rising, making my head ache. Today was one of those days. You go to work only to realise you are half an hour early. WTF. You spend your time at work, wondering what to do when you get off. Scary place when nobody else is around. The term “guardian of the tomb” comes to my mind. Can`t figure out why.

The afternoon was more pleasant. Baya dropped by and we spend some time together. Of course, you cannot put a time limit on being with her and I almost rode my bike next to her train leaving for Domžale, making the whole scene look like a B-genre romance movie. But, in the spirit of keepin` it real I just waited for the train to move towards the horizon, disappearing out of sight and then going home. And the only two things left behind were her fragrance and the feel on my lips (closing drama music).

I know that it sounds silly, but I am truly happy. With every single little thing that goes on in my life right now. The definition of life. As it should be. Not a fairy tale and not a horror story. Life.

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