Seriously. Short of getting run over by a bus, everything else sucked today. Came home, and my computer greeted me with this this heart-warming message

A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

And after restarting, the message repeated. I ran a disk check and windows in all the glory reported that “the drive has one or more unrecoverable errors”. Fun. Keeping the hopes of a user up is vital.

Rebuilding the mbr table did not work. Rebuilding the boot code did not work. So in the end…

This is a 120 GB disk. There was more than 35 GB of music on it. Not to mention that it was the system disk and right now I just hope the other users did what I`ve been telling them every single time before the reinstallation, to keep their data away from the system disk. You wanna bet?

Last update. We have a dead disk. Fun.

The sun is shining now and the clouds are moving away. The bastards.

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