Ah ya. So funny. You go to a high-end store to return the faulty goods and they say: “There are two ways the thing can go down. We can either return the disk for you and call you when the thing gets fixed or pronounced dead by the coroner, or you can do it yourself. I would advise the latter, since it`ll be much faster“. Pricks. And he was even kind enough to give me a map. Sounds like a treasure hunt. So tomorrow, we`ll be skipping work and devote our time to finding the service store. Yay. Let`s just hope it does not rain.

This has been a highly uninspirational day. If days like these continue, I`ll have to turn this blog into “What`s on the menu today?” type of blog. And you would not like it. Neither would I. Nor do I want to turn this blog into “What kind of dog are you?” kind of blog, where people just post meaningless test results and think they are the brightest peebles on the beach (I know I had a moment of weakness in the past, but I shook it off).

I`ve been thinking about Katsumi`s proposition about posting the photo of the ugliest and the prettiest building in Ljubljana, according to my opinion. So for the next few days (more like a whole week) I`ll try to find the most beautiful and the ugliest building in Ljubljana, take photos and publish it in here. Although, for architecture tips, I think Peter is your man. However, on the first glance through my gallery, I think this is ugly and this is nice. But I will try harder.

The thing is, I perceive buildings mostly through their function. If the building is performing it`s function well, then it is less ugly than the building which is failing to do the same thing. And since the building of our national television is not projecting an image which would fit the national television but is instead saying “We jast kame from russia! We are drank kamedars und wi wuld lajk to plej a litl kazačok!“, it seems ugly to me. Functionalism at its best.

That`s all the theory and practice for tonight, you`ve all been a wonderful audience, thank you and good night!

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