Weather is fine and I did not go to work today. I went to return the faulty disk and then went to Baya. Woke her up. Sort of. We ended up getting up at two o`clock in the afternoon. Very sporty, indeed.

Going to the theather tonight, to see the movie. THE movie. I`ve been seriously disappointed with the second part and I guess the new trilogy does not have the same effect on me than the old ones. Guess I am getting old. However, it will be fun to see the “old friends” again, who were kind enough to buy an extra ticket for me but forgot to tell me that in advance. Ah ya. Still, everything came out pretty well in the end. And I guess this blog will be richer with another movie review by the end of the day. Thanks to Baya.

The slovenian candidate in Eurosong was sent home. No surprise there. As Michael remarked, “It’s quite interesting to note that despite being such a homogenous society, Slovenia has sent a wide variety of representatives, from transvestites to blondes to the mentally handicapped. It’s definitely to the country’s credit.” The thing is, I am certain that our country will never win the Eurosong competition. Let me back that up. First of all, our country does not know what eurosong is all about. They think it`s about meaningful lyrics. In reality, eurosong could be renamed into a “political tits show”. Quite literaly. Second of all, nobody knows where Slovenia is. Seriously. People are probably going “hm! Slovakia had two contestants. Fire the dentist! Third, our english pronunciation sucks. And nobody understands a word of Slovene. And fourth, nobody wants Slovenia to win, because Slovenia has not got the capacities to stage the Eurosong.

However, I think that since we have no chance in hell of winning it, we should boycot it. We should send some schmuck who would then tell everybody to fuck off and to kiss his/her ass. I mean seriously…what are they going to do? Send him home? Like Omar and everybody else? And it would be cost effective too. No Ema, no expensive calls, we`d just go “Send in the schmuck!” and everything would be taken care of. And people would have fun too. How many times did a person on television told the viewers to go fuck themselves? Name three if u can. And another thing…did they really think they are going to get anywhere with the song which has “la la la” written in the official lyrics? I mean…come fucking on! La la la??? And for fucks sake…why on earth do they keep hiring the same person to write the eurosong lyrics??? How many cocks did she had to blow to get that honour? And what will it take to get some real deal songwriter into the equation? Someone who understands that Eurosong is not about “la la la”?

The rest is silence.

Oh, just this…my choice beside the schmuck? Magnifico and Silvija.

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