A mini-series done by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg is telling a true story. One of the 101st Airborne division, told by a former member, Stephen Ambrose.

It starts with D-Day and goes through France, Belgium, Germany and finally Austria, where the war ends. It`s a mixture of Schindler`s list and Saving private Ryan, combining best of the both movies. We are witnessing a group of men, band of brothers (the term taken out of the famous drama Henry the 5th, done by William Shakespeare), as they go from theatre of war from Normandy, Market Garden, Battle of the Bugle and fight the outter and the inner enemies.

The thing combines the actions of the Saving private Ryan and the thoughtful moments of Thin red line, giving the chapters a smooth and fast flow. The dialogues are well thought-out and the whole thing feels like a whole, eventhough each part was directed by a different director. The music done by the late Michael Kamen is very good, even better than the work that John Williams did in Saving private Ryan.

The main difference is that you don`t get the feel like in Saving pvt. Ryan, that four men saved everything, nobody got killed and everything was nice and dandy. In here, people die. Mostly from their own mistakes, like shooting themselves with a german Lugar they`ve just confiscated.

The whole thing is combined out of 10 one-hour parts, which I watched almost back-to-back. And it does not feel all that long. Fast-paced, tightly woven and very attractive. Definitely worth to watch.

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