Time sure flies when you are having fun. Having reconfirmed the validity of this saying, you can only conclude what kind of time I had during the weekend. Yes. It starts on F.

The weather worked with me, and being with Baya…well, there is only one way everything can go down then, right?

Unlike this weather today, with the pressure, full moon and a general crappy front coming in, which is leaving me headachey, bored and tired. The good thing is that the repair guys were unable to “repair” the disk and I`ll be getting a new one as soon as tomorrow. Hurrah.

Nothing good comes to my mind right now, just a stack of boring facts about how there`s an unusual amount of activity here today, how nevertheless I would rather be with Her, preferably on a sea-side, and how proud I am of my mind that remembered to pack an umbrella. First time for everything, ey?

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