Funny how a walk through the city can resemble so much to listening to the radio and turning the knob, switching between stations. You`re walking and pieces of different conversations are bouncing off of your ears, making combinations like “I worry cause of you…but at least I had a decent mealafter the dance, when she totally made out with the guy“.

I don`t know why, but in the middle of the walk, I started thinking it was sunday. Probably because I did not go to work today and I usually take weekend walks on sunday. The fact that the city was packed, with bikers squatting the Prešeren`s square, showing off the size of their, ahem, engines and that every single pub was opened with tons of people sitting in the street, chatting, did not convince me. It was only after I passed a bookstore which was opened that I realised that today cannot be sunday but is in fact Wednesday. Luckily, I deliberately forgot my wallet at home (a great way for not to spend any money) and so I went in, just for the sake of it, looking for books written by Yann Martel. They had none whatsoever.

Why did I take a walk? Well, remember yesterday when I said everything was going the way it should go? Well…erm…think again. A quote comes to my mind, one from “The end of violence“, where Bill Pullman says “Just when you thought you had it all figured out, everything changes…” And that is exactly what happened. First of all, the almighty windows decided that the system partition will be called G. No, not C, G. They are kind of similar, if you take off your glasses and turn your head a little, but when you look them up close, they are completely different. The programs however want C, not G and the commotion begins. You then try and change the letters of the drives and then everything stops working. And I mean everything. Lesson learned – plug all of the disks out, before attempting to install Windows. Which is what I did and then spend my morning and afternoon doing the stuff I already did yesterday. Don`t you just love deja vu?

Tomorrow or even more likely on friday, I will be here. Not of my own will, but cause of the job. The quality of the whole thing can be judged by this. (for non-slovene speakers, it`s about an art exhibit called “The feelings of an electron“. Erm…right. How drunk are these people when they make up things like that? And no, you do not have to answer that one. And what`s with exclamation mark in the name of the fair? I mean seriously, imagine being called cookie! or baya! Seriously guys…get a frigging grip (no exclamation mark).

And then, we`ll see. Maybe the bad things happen just cause of the heat.

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