It`s not just about the third reich and the russians overtaking Berlin. The happening in this movie are mostly concentrated on the bunker where Hitler and his merry men are waiting for a miracle. And death.

The viewer has the advantage over the players in this movie. We know how the war ended. Who lost. Who died and who survived. But they do not. And they struggle. Each and every one of them, in their own and unique way. From desperation to madness. From opportunism to fanatism.

How does one deal with inveitable? When all the signs are going red and the grand plan is reduced to ashes? The movie deals more with psyhology of invidivuals, trapped in a bunker below Berlin than the actual facts, something I (sort of) missed at Band of brothers.

A documentary with great actors and relaxed pace. And since I cannot judge its authenticity, since I was not even born then, it`s stilly very appealing and there is not a scene that would feel pathetic or would wear a heavy propaganda make-up. Something in the line with Das Boot.

The movie penetrates into the minds of people who were responsible for the world war 2 and shows us that despite the stone-cold outside, they were humans nevertheless. Human first, monster second.

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