OK…this is interesting. One of those things nobody really thinks about but once you set your mind on it, it starts to bug you. Imagine, adds big as a planet. Which would circle the Earth. A giant floating add for femine hygiene products. “Look Jim, it`s a comet!” “No, Bob, that`s a sanitary napkin!

It`s really disturbing to consider the lenght to which the advertisers are ready to go in order to get a message through. Never mind the “good stuff sells itself“. This is about bigger, longer and uncut.

Which at the same time does not mean that the quality is improving. Seriously, if you consider the add for Radenska on Carniola site and then draw a parallel to the new adds for things like washing detergents and other home-used stuff, you`ll surely notice that the quality if anything is dropping. Despite the rise of general standards. I guess taste is not among them.

Taste is one of the main problems in our society. You cannot shove crap at people who have it and expect them to buy it. You cannot make even more crap and overflow the market with it and then expect everybody to like it. If people would have taste, no billboard would be high enough to convince them otherwise.

So why to people lack taste? Or more exactly, where and how do they lose it? Is it because they just simply give in to crap? Because there is too much floating around and is easier for an individual to just give in rather than fight it off and seek something better? Or is it just because there`s crap from minute zero and nobody knows that there are better things out there?

Of course, it does not help to realise that our children (oh my god, I went and said “our children”. There`s no turning back for me now!) are being poisoned from the beginning while we had a few years of peace and quality. Have you seen any cartoons on television lately? Hideous! No plot, absurd graphics and what`s even worse, endless sequels.

How will it end?

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