As the Earth moves closer to the Sun on its anual rotation, we find ourselves subjected to a strange phenomenon known as “the heat”. Mind you, this happens every single year, yet every time we are under the infulence of “the heat” people start to change into something unrecognizable.

Take perspiration for example. A perfectly normal process which basically transports bad stuff out of our body into the open and at the same time serves as a cooling mechanism. People in general do not like to sweat because it makes their clothes sticky and the general feeling icky. Buses all of the sudden turn into these sardina filled cans, where sweaty people are trying to get from point A to point B and not to touch too many people in between. Or at least…they try not to be touched by too many people.

However, there are other ways of transportation, ones that do not include the overall sardine feeling. They do however, have other disadvantages. Walking is good, yet slow. And even when a person is a fast walker like myself, you cannot possibly imagine to go faster than a bus. Or a bike for that matter. Still, on the other hand, you are free to choose who to touch and who to avoid, plus you get some exercise. There is only a question of preferences – heat stroke or death by a sweaty hand. I choose heat stroke.

Hevreka it is. At least for tomorrow. Mixed feelings. I hate these hi-tech fairs. Why? Cause there`s nothing really all that hi-tech there to begin with. I mean seriously, they held a conference where they discussed the good sides of broadband connections. Jesus. Broadband has been around for what…five years? And they are discussing it now? Somebody badly needs to press the F5 button. And that “Feeling of an electron” performance? Way to go. Seriously. Keep up…erm…whatever it is that you are doing.

Thank blog for ice cream. And loose pants.

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