Staring at the white page of a post template. Scary. Listening to the soundtrack of Der Untergang and wondering what tomorrow will be like. Letting Baya read my “high school” novels. Amused by her reactions. Worrying since the disk is making weird sounds. Deciding I`ll let the machine running for 48 hours and see what happens. Feeling the time pass. Haven`t felt that in a while. Maybe it has something to do with seeing an old bill today. You see, since tomorrow I`ll be on Hevreka, representing Ljudmila, I was issued some promo T-shirts and a receipt book. And I found an old bill. Which, as Špela pointed out, was filled out wrongly. And I was signed. And then I said “Aww, c`mon, this was January, you can`t hold that against me…I was weird in January” and she just laughed. But it got me thinking.

Nothing big or profound, nothing earth-moving or anything, I just had this feeling of time passing. Maybe the bill was just the final push. And meeting old school-mates on the faculty had something to do with the whole thing too.

No, don`t be afraid, I`m not going to go into the “damn I am so old” type of post. Quite the opposite. It`s about the possibilites and different turns. About life being a winding road and not a straight line from point A to point B. Old stuff, really. It feels like picking up an old book and re-reading it, remembering things you once already knew.

Back to reality…

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