And I am not one of those people who shout “What a day!” whenever something small happens. Or whenever something does happen. But still, this was one heck of a day. First, the fair. Which, if we look back, was not such a bad thing. Sure there was nothing much to do and I fed mostly on popcorn provided by m$, the hostesses were weird this year and not one of them knew how to wear high heels and there wasn`t all that many people around, but it was still fun.

First I did a lecture on the better sides of Firefox over Explorer. No, I did not prepare. No, I did not plan it. Jure came up to me, asked if I know anything about Firefox and before I knew it I was up on the stage, dancing and…ahem…lecturing some students about Firefox. I hope I did not make too big of a fool of myself. Then I had a long discussion with a teacher who came to me and asked me “What`s the lastest thing on the internet?“. Erm…now how does one get around answering that sort of question? And he helped me. He said “I know there`s internet pages and all…but what else is there?” Erm… We ended up talking about Linux and Windows and schools and money and stuff. A really nice guy. So in the end, I gave him a bunch of Slix, 2.0, so he could spawn it in his school. Ahya, another good deed done.

Then I took a train to Baya and we went to get some ice cream. And on the way back, we ran into these guys. Well, actually, just one guy from the group. And since he asked for help from the audience, I volunteered to be the curtain manager. You know, the one that pulls the curtain up and down. Really heavy duty and all.

And then we listened to a group “Day out“. Really nice sound, until they did a song by Metallica. And then it all went downhill. Their voice was too screamy and too white-stripe-ish, but still, their original music was very good.

All in all, what a day!

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