You all know them I guess. Your brain shift into a lower gear and everything is moving very slowly and there`s nothing much to do. And then you start thinking in a lower gear, walking around, feeling restless. You know the days.

Well, it`s days like these that you start thinking of writing. How you haven`t written anything serious in a long time, how you are neglecting your greatest gift and how you should do something about it, since this blog is in fact killing your talent for writing bigger, longer things.

And then you start writing. Now, I was never a big fan of planning and so all my writing were done in the spur of the moment. Which also means that I have to start more than once to get the thing going.

Funny thing about writing is that I never liked my own writings. That is, not like others, who enjoyed it and actually re-read the things I wrote. For me, the formula was simple. Write, save, print, and never look at it again. Which is probably why there are numerous spelling mistakes in my attempts to create the great slovenian novel. Written in english.

Telling people about like (something similar to what I am doing now) is another issue. You see, on one hand, I don`t want anybody to know that I am writing something. At least not until the stuff is done, saved… So this post is actually contra-productive, since now that you know (or will know in a matter of paragraphs) the stuff will be in the open and there`s no turning back. On the other hand, publicity is good, since writing stuff for yourself only sucks. Unless you are a narcissus.

The last similar project that failed miserably after a few posts was my DVD review site. Which is long gone and burried. I can only hope this “novel” will last longer. You see, creativity does not go well with knowing too many books and movies. Cause then you tend to copy off things from other novels and movies, making your original work look like a scrap book. Some people tend to do that deliberately and profit immensely from such kind of writing. See Rowling.

I try to be original as the devil himself. And in my originality, I tend to reverse the stereotypes, making them stereotypes of my own. My characters always die. Nobody wins. There`s no living happily ever after. And as soon as I notice a pattern in my writing, the stuff is as good as gone. Originality is a bitch.

I won`t tell you I have great plans for this novel, that I am confident that this is the stuff that history is made of. I will not tell you that I have great confidence in finishing it and keeping the quality under control. However, I will tell you to read it as I write it and hopefully something good will come of it.

So if you kindly follow me into the dungeon, the writing room, I am sure we`ll have some fun. It`s something simple, really.

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