There is a NATO conference taking place in Ljubljana these days. Yesterday on my way to the Hevreka! I witnessed a squad of cars, plenty of police on motorbikes and even a helicopter. The whole thing felt like a scene from a Black hawk down.

Today on my way back from Baya, wearing a packed backpack and riding my bike, I drove next to the hotel where the NATO big shots are staying. The whole street was closed down and there was police on both sides of it. I asked if I can go through and they said yes, only, I`d have to get off my bike. Ahem…what? And the police lady said “Get off your bike and push!“.

Now, I don`t know why she ordered me that. Maybe it`s some sexual thing among cops, you know, pushing and young men and stuff. It sure was not cause of the security since later on, I stopped, opened a backpack, searched for the camera, pulled it out, took a photo, put the camera back in and then rode off on my bike…and the policemen on the other side of the street did not say a goddamn thing. And seriously, what went through that woman`s head? That I`ll run a NATO official down with MY BIKE??

Fuck the police?

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