The thing about backstabbings is not the pain itself. It`s the timing. You know, you are sitting in your chair, you KNOW your back hurts and stabs every once in a while, you just did not figure out the exact cause of it. Is it the cold? The heat? The wind? Your posture? All of the above? Not getting enough exercise? Getting too much exercise? Not getting the right exercise? Getting too much of the wrong exercise?

You try not to move too sudden or in a weird direction, working with your back, helping it. You very slowly lean back, putting a hand on it so that the muscle calm and and your back does not say a word. Pure bliss.

And then the fucker stabs you. Crap. Back to the drawing board.

Damn, I am becoming old. It`s just that right now I am eyeballing the tin roof in front of our house, to see if those water circles are done by rain or by wind. Since it`s already something past ten, I won`t go to work full-time today. I do have to pick up and drop off something (ok, paper towels! And some movies! You happy now??) and then I`ll be on my way to the center of the world.

And just a question (my egomaniacal side) – is anybody reading this? Any comments? Preferably bad ones?

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