According to her and her, c`est moi. And due to the reputation I now have to uphold, I decided to write an ultimate anti-chain letter. I would do it yesterday, but the power went out. Goddamn Nato summit!

So, here it is!


This letter has circled the globe three times. Please delete it immidiately! This is not a joke! Delete this mail the moment you open it and you`ll live a fruitful and happy life.

Janice from Ohio did not delete this mail for a week. Two days later she was hit by a milk truck. To emphesise the irony, she was indoors at the time of the hit. In a second floor apartment.

Gunther from Berlin did not delete this mail for six days. He instantly died from lead poisoning which lasted several years.

Josephine from Lyon did not delete this mail for five days. She suffered a heart attack from seeing her two goldfish attack and rape her cat.

Mile from Karlovac did not delete this mail for four days. He died from food poisoning while eating a kebab.

Guiseppe from Padova did not delete this mail for three days. He then died from a gas explosion. To make the thing worse, his house was powered by electricity.

Hiroshi from Kyoto did not delete this mail for two days. He then suffered a horrible death involving a rabbit, two lenghts of yarn and an empty car battery.

Talia from Perth did not delete this mail for twenty-four hours. She died from a kenguru stampedo.

Pjotr from Omsk did not delete this mail for twelve hours. He died from a freak bath tube accident involving a rubber duck.

Alejandro from Pamplona did not delete this mail for an hour. He died by being impaled on a bull`s horn.

Please delete this mail now and save yourself! I only have it for four hours and already my legs are beginning to go numb. Save yourself!!!!

I will now email this to everybody in my address book and see how many people will forward this mail to somebody else. Test, test.

Podpri nas!

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