Month: June 2005

Status check #4

You know the feeling when people are telling you you should not do something and then they tell you to do the exact thing you were forbidden to do for the past week? I am witnessing something similar right now with my supposedly healed left elbow. It does not hurt […]

Slovenia, the beautiful…

Parliament. A place of knowledge. A place of wisdom. A place of power. Where wisemen lead the country and do what`s best for the people. Or so the story goes. In Slovenia, it`d go something like this. Parliament. A place of vulgarity. A place of stupidity. A place of power. […]

Status check #3

Seamless. Isn`t that the correct term? I mean, if there`s no seams, then you are…well…you get my point. Anyway, they said it`s looking well and that the whole thing would not leave a scar (damit! First no plaster and no cute girls to giggle and sign it and now, no […]

Crazy queries

pussy movie –> what`s so special about pussy movie? greek pussy –> do we have any greek ladies out there who are willing to show us theirs? pussy movies –> oh yeah, plural works oh so much better red pussy –> hey, beats the hell out of green elephant cock […]

Status check #2

Everything is going along fine. The chin is healing, I went to see a doctor today, and she said the stitches are coming out on Tuesday. Arm does not hurt as much as it did, but then again I am walking around like a Jolly Roger, so no surprise there. […]

Status check

I just hate these things. Being sick and stuff (under sick see anything that includes lying in a bed, alone, while others are out playing). I am getting there though. My chin is itching and the left elbow is working with me. Ice does the trick. Nothing else happening. I […]