First off, I am not a big fan of anime cartoons. I don`t like the way they are usually drawn, disproportionate and slightly askew, with confusing storyline and foreign names that all sound the same to me.

I got Hellsing series from a friend almost two years ago and I never sat down and watched it till the end. Until now.

I find the whole thing reasonably ok, considering the genre and the style of presentation. The characters are still a little askew but the vampires are still a lot better than in recent hollywood movies like “Van Helsing” or “Underworld”. There is a fine line between making them too deep and profound like “Interview with a Vampire” and making them too pop-cornish and shallow as they appear in “Underworld”.

The series focus on the family Van Helsing who with the help of the vampire Alucard (read his name backward) fight and eventually win over the the new breed of vampires which aim to take over the world and turn everybody into ghouls. The plot is admitingly not the strongest point of the show, but on the other hand, too much complexity and the viewers would get lost in it. However, the details are ample and the whole animation runs smoothly without unnecesary fast forwards or repeating motions.

Although it starts losing the grip towards the end, the series still manage to retain a constant quality level in bringing our heroes to victory and their villains to defeat. A classic good-night story with a few plot twists and and overall quality performance.

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