Now the dutch said “no” too. Actually, they said “nee” but you get the picture. It`s funny isn`t it? First they were all like “oh, look at the pretty colors and the stars and the EU4Life…” and now they are all like “this sucks, let`s get the fuck out of here!

This sounds to me like a spoiled brats party. Seriously. Bunch of snotty kids, wearing dads neckties, acting posh with drinking alcohol and saying stuff like “You know, in Gstaad, they have a totally different blah blah blah” (yeah, I ripped this out of “Scent of a woman“). And then, as soon as poor kids show up with an invitation, the posh ones are like “Hey…this is not what we signed for! Where`s the elitism in this?

The funny thing number two is the media spin. How they reacted. Three (UK inklusiv) of the important countries said “no” to the constitution of the EU. Did anybody say “domino effect”? And the media is all “Ah, no biggy, everything is going according to the plans and blah blah blah“. Even our politicias are balls-less. Instead of calling the dutch and the french traitors and curse them in the name of the holy union, they are going “Ah, the honey moons are over“. What the fuck does that mean???

What would I do? Throw them out. If the west-european countries are so insecure about the south-european countries joining, they should get the fuck out of dodge. Or stop being such cry-babies.

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