There really is just one sollution to this problem. You cannot talk to them. You cannot convince them it`s in all`s best interest if they would kindly fuck off. The only thing they understand is lead. And chirping. And I am NOT chirping.

I don`t know why they decided to camp out right in front of my window. And I don`t know why they decided to start yapping away at five o`clock in the morning. This is psychological terrorism. This is a lot like the Vietnam and the bamboo.

And if they would only be creative. You know, if they would actually sing a melody, something you can listen to. But they sound like a broken printer. Over and over and over again. What the fuck do they have to discuss at such lenght at five o`clock in the morning??? I woke up, walked around, and then my mind went “What the fuck are you doing? Go back to bed!” The thing is, you cannot sleep if there`s birds right in front of your house, discussing the frigging weather and bird politics and who craps at who. For fucks sake, go into the fucking bush and die! Who need birds anyway??

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