This is a psychological-sociological post about people. You know, homo sapiens and such. Which are so different from one another that you sometimes wonder if we really all came from the same rib. And if maybe, a little piggy did not help out with the genesis of some of us.

It`s so amazing, how some people live inside small boxes and communicate only through a speaker, blaring their thoughts out without any chance of feedback, no matter what that feedback would be. It`s like running a blog with closed comments. Or even worse.

Why are people so afraid of other people opinions? And why do they think that just by talking and exchanging opinions, the other party is trying to convince them to think otherwise? It`s absolutely amazing. It`s listenconsideradapt or throw away. And not talkdon`t listenact patronizing. And yesterday, I was foolish enough to get into a debate with someone who lives in one of those boxes. It was scary. And at the end, I was so exhausted from talking to someone who would not listen, but only use my words to propell his own words out that I did something amazing. I shut up.

OK, when getting into a debate (that differs greatly from just talking to someone) you are trying to present your case of things the best you can and hope that the person that you are talking to, sees the reason in your arguments. Blaring things out like a fog horn is not my cup of tea. “Why do you blog then?” I hear a mutter from the back row. I see blogging a little different from arguing. I am not trying to convince anybody to do or not do anything with my blog. This blog (here, we go, the eternal question of “Why do you blog?“) is meant primarily to express and to keep a tab. And to interact. While on the other hand, this blog is most certainly not a place of persuasion or a place where a new religion is starting. I am god. Bow to me. No, sir. Not me and not here. Go readth the bible if thou seekth thath.

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