This is turning into a weekend review. Sometimes, so many things happen at once that the only thing you can do is backtrack and hope you remember it all the way it went. Which throws the good ole chronos out the window.

Unlike today, the heat was way up on friday. And walking around in a concrete jungle (love the term) and shopping makes a person tired and thirsty (ah, the redundancy!) . There is only one thing you can do. Sit down and have a drink.

Now, I think that waiters are a special kind of man. In my opinion, there`s a whole genetic theory behind the profession of waiting tables, one that has never been explored and analyzed and debated. My personal opinion is that in order to be a waiter, you have to suck at it. Seriously. The majority of waiters (OK, I know a couple of good ones and treat them accordingly) would be better off doing something else than waiting tables. It`s one thing to wait for a waiter in a busy restaurant at rush hour. It`s completely another to wait for one out of three waiters in a relaxed outdoor “pub” and being passed over a couple of times while the three of them are fidgeting behind the bar, like they are some friggin Jamie Olivers.

How to fight the evil forces of ignorance and slacky waiters? Well, the project “Little pieces of paper” has been rolling around in my head for quite a long time, ever since I realised that hey! the waiters are there working and it`s not like we are bother them while they ponder the meaning of life and stuff. And I always wanted to tell then that in a polite way, something more permanent than just saying “You fat lazy bastard! Where`s my drink!!??“. And of course, you usually don`t have a piece of paper or/and a pen handy. So, enter “little pieces of paper”.

I made a sample available on this blog, so that anybody can download it, print it, cut the holes into the vertical line and use it accordingly, whenever they feel the service was not what they`d expected. Feel free to print as many as you want (like it`s not obvious enough).

I only ask to post a comment on my blog whenever you are going to use it. We can all keep track.

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