So, the assault was repeated today. This time with a mission clear as a bell and Baya`s lil sis as the point man. Or should I say, the girl with the plan. Pants – swimming slippers – a bag. The mission was 66.6% successful, as we managed to obtain everything but the pants. But on the other hand, we were able to keep our mind sane. Think fussy 😉 . The quest for the holy pants continues.

I am now dating a girl with a degree in political science (almost). And that makes me proud (and at the same time, it makes me wonder when will I start to write my thesis on the wonderful world of serial killers and media stereotypes about them). But proud nevertheless. And cmon…she wore my islandic pendant of knowledge. How could she not pass? Right? 😀

All in all, a nice day which leaves a “nicely tired” feeling. I did manage to start catching up with my emails and novel, which should both be ready tomorrow. Oh, and a little commercial time – if anybody is in need of five editions of “Cycling Plus” magazine (January 2005 – May 2005) drop a line in the comments. Otherwise, I`ll throw them away. Or something.

That is all.

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