There is a commercial floating around, a commercial for the national television, where there`s five (or six) puppets standing in row and one of them has a slightly bigger head than others. The caption reads “How much information can you take?

The whole thing seems a little bizzare to me. In a world which offers “information” on every corner, are we really being asked from the media to change our physiology in order to accomodate all the news that they are throwing at us? It seems logical and maybe that is the next step in the evolution. Bigger heads, bigger ears, bigger eyes…smaller brain.

Take a look at this. This is the “Top news that people read in the past seven days”. Out of thirty (30) news, twelve (12) involve murder, rape, prostitution and so forth. Six (6) news involve sporting events and one (1) involves a report of the birth of a four legged chicken. On the other hand, the story about the government controling the media did not make it onto the list. What`s wrong? Too much info? Or too small of a head? If I may paraphrase a Rammstein lyrics, “Du bist was do liest!” We can conclude that bigger heads are needed for stuff like four-legged chickens. And the news about Victoria Beckham moaning about being fat.

Praise the people, for they are wise!

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