Another one of “those” stories. You know, where you have to hear it twice to believe it. You probably heard it before, it was all over the news but if “The L Files” are your one and only contact with the world, I am talking about the PR scandal, where the government PR person sent out a message to all of the ministries not to communicate with a certain newspaper.

(this is the time where we all go “What the fuuuckkkkkkk???!!!!!“)

It`s so bizzare and childish, that it reads and feels like a stupid comedy with Chevy Chase playing the president.

I mean seriously, even if the government would indeed try to boycott the media and keep a black hole over their doings, a smart government would do that in quiet and with the usage of certain “underground” channels and would not go emailing everybody in the broad daylight. I mean seriously, it`s like the american congress publicly approving a secret plan to assassinate Hussein.

Right now, everything is standing still and only the journalists are moaning about how bad this makes us look. All the politics are keeping their mouths shut. Which sucks even larger cocks. I would expect the opposition to be all over this like shit on velcro. I would expect the parties not in charge would slaughter the leaders. This is Russia! First the courts, now the media. It`s disguisting. It`s even more appaling that they did not have the brains to keep this under wraps.

And yet, people are agreeing. People want this! Boycott the media! Shut down the press! Burn the papers!!! Engulf them in flames! Where do these people come from? Can we really call them people? In my opinion, they are more similar to some idiotic bacteria than to homo sapiens. That`s what you get in a country where “Slovenske novice“, a smutty, trashy, “big-red-titles-screaming-bloody-murder” are no. 1 newspaper. It shoud be called shitpaper.

Anybody fancy a banana?

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