Oh. Sure Ted. I think you`re on to something here. Yes. Serious and unbiased media. Of course, you are a little late. Seriously, you are. You should…erm…go back in time. For about twenty years or so. Or bring everything you built so far with the war reports where kids smile and soldiers sing and the reruns of planes crashing into buildings and start over. I know! You could make an article about how the CNN sucks donkey cocks when it comes to journalism and how they (oh, sorry Ted, of course I meant you too) are just the boot lickers for the president of the US of A. And you want news about the enviroment? How about telling those fat american fucks they are going to run this planet into the ground by their SUVs and their friggin oil madness? Too much for the first show, huh?

Serious journalism? Get the fuck out of here, Ted. You`re drunk. Go back to Jane and maybe she can help you out. On second thought…

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