I am slowly getting tired of people bashing the journalists and the journalistic studies on FDV (faculty of social sciences). Seriously, the debates I am having border on horror movies. Bad ones. It`s either people who don`t know the first thing about journalistic studies, bashing over them, how the “foreign” programs are oh-so-much-better and on the other hand, there`s people who attend those studies and ask questions like “Apart from the things I am begin told to do, what else should I do?


I find the level of apathy among the people attenting social studies alarming. Seriously. These are the people who are going to (eventually and hopefully) come up with new ideas, with new models for shaping the society and all I am hearing from them is “What? Me? What do you want me to do?

Why exactly is this happening, I am not sure. Maybe I just hang out with the wrong crowd. Maybe the people are filled with passive behaviour and always need guidance and a level of control, someone telling them do this, do that…

I remember professor Tomo Korošec, one of the biggest linguists of our country, coming into class and telling us that he received a negative mark for not motivating students enough to study. He said “I really don`t get this. I must motivate you? What do you want to do?

I know we debated about this faculty over and over again and I know that people won`t change their minds and become active thinkers just cause I am ranting about it, but still, I find it alarming. And amazed at the fact that such passive people even enroll in classes like the journalist ones. They blame the faculty. I blame them. Blaming the faculty is like blaming your parents for what have you become. Sure they got some influence, but shifting the guilt entirely on them is ridiculous. And only shows the passive thinking applied in such situations.

Another thing that pisses me off is this foreign programs moaning. For fuck sakes! Would you knock it off or move to fucking Italy if they are so much better?! These types of complaints are again, the passive ones, since nobody can or will do anything about it.

And in the end…if you are wondering what can you do to make things better and how can you make a stupid faculty like FDV a better place and get more out of it…

go fuck yourself (since you are wondering what to do, my advice is as good as any).

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