It`s actually “Dragging the line“, a title from the Austin Powers movie soundtrack, performed by REM. It`s one of those “What to do” kind of days, which seem to test your creativity, making you remember to do or plan stuff.

Planning is usually something you do before you actually do things and it often does not have much (if anything) with the latter events. It`s something to keep your brain busy, like planning a murder or bouncing off melodies of the songs you heard on the radio while brushing your teeth.

People often think planning makes everything work out fine, and that the more you plan, the better the outcome. The more you plan, the less chance of things going wrong.

I thought that too. I guess some things escape logic.

Fears and desires are one of them. Which pass the logic with a loud “whooooosh!” and spiral off into ilogic. And no, I does not stand for Intelligent. It stands for Idiotic. And there is no way of beating those. So the best thing is to do similar idiotic thing and just…ignore them. And do the things in a normal fashion. Keeping a straight line.

And let them deal with themselves.

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