Sounds like a short description of a Rambo movie. Add guns and you have a classic action flick. But seriously, these were the ingredients of yesterday.

First of all, why the hell did they stop giving out “Blood donour” cards? I did not get it when I gave blood the first time, some years ago (we went as a school thing) and second time around, no card as well. Something like this would be nice.

Personally, I am not fond of blood. Unlike my sweetheart, who in her previous life was surely a vampire. I mean cmon…SHE WATCHED THE WHOLE THING! Juck. Second, the staff is really nice. Usually doctors and nurses who do a lot of people per day tend to be bitchy and unfriendly, but these folks…they are the best. And even when a guy (=moi) who is subconsciously afraid of needles and pins walks in, they talk him through it. I felt like a donkey in Shrek, the scene where they have to cross a pool of lava and Shrek talks him through it. Of course, just like the donkey, I did “look down”. The procedure is you fill this bag. A blood bag (any reference to siddharta album is purely coincidental). The blood bag contains half a litre of blood. Or to be more precise, 500 ml. I only delivered 400. Why? Cause I panicked (just like the first time) and my veins shrunk. And the blood just stopped flowing. Ah well, the mysteries of the mind. But still…I did not pass out and I did not sleep over the whole day like the first time. So, all in all, a small victory on my part.
And I`ll do better next time.

The sun is back…and the temperatures are behaving like a classic manically depressed person. Up, down, up, down… for god sakes, just take a pill already!

And the rest is happiness and love. And sweat 😉

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