When Rodrigez is behind the director`s wheel, you know it`s going to be a fun movie. Four room, El Mariachi, From dusk till dawn…it`s all fun. Of course, you also know that there`s going to be blood, ripped arms and legs flying, lots of half-naked babes and tough guys…but all that is beside the point. The point is fun.

Sin city reads like a Pulp fiction or Four rooms. Different stories, mixed together, the common thing the city. Sin city. It`s either an ex-con looking for a hooker he fell in love with, an ex-cop chasing the ultimate bad guy or an outcast defending his true love against the cop gone bad. The dialogues are strip-ish, the scenes done in black and white style with photoshopped blood and the whole thing moves really fast. From the first scenes of a guy waking up next to a dead prostitute to the finish suicide clip, it`s all good and noisy. And messy. It`s a movie where a guy takes more than one bullet to stay down. And even when he is down, you always wonder just how long is he going to stay there.

The comics that were the base for the movie come from Frank Miller, the creator of many comics, amongts them Elektra and Daredevil. Unlike those two movies which were as sucky as a brand new Hoover 3000, the Sin city hits the nail right on the head.

Bruce Willis does a splendid job playing a cop, hopelesslyin love with a young girl, a potentital victim no.4 of a serial killer, Mickey Rourke is brilliant in the role of an ugly (and I mean ugly) ex-con who made me think of Hellboy, with all the jumping and blazing and stuff, and Eliajah Wood makes one of the best bad-asses around. Forget Frodo, this one is plain nasty.

Compared to Hostage, another Bruce Willis movie I won`t even bother to review since it sucks cocks big time, Sin city is good. Recommend.

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