• A full moon
  • A car with a female driver from KRanj
  • A bike with a male driver from LJubljana (=moi)
  • An intersection
  • Roll tape!

    First of all, people do not see the cyclists. I don`t know why exactly is that but that`s the truth. They think we see everything (which we technically do) and all they have to do is just drive. I mean, a bike against a two ton car…why bother, right?

    So I was driving home, and I came up the intersection. It was an ordinary intersection with the road I was on being the main road. This car was stopped and signaling that she will turn left, cutting my way. But instead of waiting for me to pass, she just…went. I guess she thought she can outspeed me but miscalculated. I hit the brakes and the first one grabbed tighter than the last one.

    I flew over the steering wheel.

    Funny thing is, this happened before. Or at least, something similar. You see, when you brake, you never use just the front or just the rear brake. You apply the pressure to both of them, more to the back than the front and the bike stops on spot. Unless of course, you are leaning forward and the first brake is a little stronger than the last one. Then the bike stops and tips over, throwing you over the wheel. And you fall on your chin, stopping instantly, no dragging your face across the asphalt. Another thing that always happens is that the steering wheel and the front tire always turns around and around, breaking and tearing the brake lines and possibly connecting to your balls. Which in this case did not happen. The only thing I got from the steering wheel this time was a ripped T-shirt.

    The driver stopped. Luckily. Came back, asked if I am ok. My chin was bleeding, I was in shock. She went to get some bandages to stop the bleeding. Cars passing by, another one stopped and gave me a bottle of water to rinse the dirt out. I called Andraž who lives near by if he could come and take my bike in, so that I would not have to leave it in the open. He came, he gave me some more bandages and took the bike home. The bike was intact, both wheels were ok, nothing broke or rip.

    We went to the emergency room. Since the last time I was there (almost ten years ago) they moved the entrance. So we had to walk around a little and even call 112 (a slovene version of 911) to ask where the entrance was. We got in, filled out papers and then waited. Andraž and Ana came after us and we joked around, trying to keep my attention on anything else but my bleeding chin and my aching arm. “I fell off my bike” I told the nurse and she went “Oh, you are not the first one tonight!” Then we went to play ping pong with the doctors, from room X1 to room X2 to room X3, back to room X1 and finally to the room X4. The little operating room (that`s the actual title, they call it “Mala operacijska soba“).

    You lie down on the operating table (they give you these cute little “shoes” to wrap around your real shoes), the nurse removes the bandage and goes “Whoa!” And I go “Please, I don`t wanna hear that. I did not see the wound yet so please…let`s talk about something else” and she laughs. The doctor comes in, asks me if I ever got stiched before, I say no. He then puts some cloth around my face and chest to prevent the blood from soiling my clothes and picks up a syringe, giving me an anaesthetic. “The same kind they use in dentistry” he explains. I feel a small pain and my chin gets numb. And then you just feel the pull as the string tightens your skin. It took seven or eight stitches.

    I came home at midnight, woke up mom and she went from “What the hell were you doing?” to “Do you need anything?” in under two minutes. Which was cool. Wrapped my left arm in cold bandage and called Baya. Told her everything and explained that I`ll be fine. And then I went to bed.

    Final lesson?

    Bikes are just like cars. For fucks sake, why would not people recognize that? It`s easier to stop a car than it is to stop a bike. And eventhough we are travelling only 30km/h, we are faster than cars.

    Total body count

  • stitched chin
  • busted left arm
  • muscle aches in both arms
  • left side of the face hurts (jaw and stuff)
  • ripped T-shirt
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