Parliament. A place of knowledge. A place of wisdom. A place of power. Where wisemen lead the country and do what`s best for the people.

Or so the story goes.

In Slovenia, it`d go something like this.

Parliament. A place of vulgarity. A place of stupidity. A place of power. Where assholes lead the country and tell other assholes to go check their sex organs.

Funny, how the two definitions lack similarities, isn`t it?

I guess this is one of the “Only in slovenia” types of posts. And please, don`t tell me that in Romania they beat the shit out of each other in the Parliament or that in america they curse out loud. I am not fucking interested what the other monkeys are doing. This is our Zoo. We vote for it, we are paying for it and we have to put up with it.

People of Slovenia are amazing. Really, they are. Every time I look at a place like this, I find it harder and harder to understand the mehanics that make everything move. Where did the capability of a dialogue go? Under dialogue do not see go fuck yourself et al, but a productive exchange of ideas and thoughts. It seems that the vulgar the person, the better the reputation. The bigger the power.

Telling a fellow member of the parliament to go examine her own sex organs is a little over the top. What`s even more over the top is writting down an ethic code for the members. I mean seriously, what`s their age again? They have to enfore good manners? Even in the sleaziest of pubs where they pour nothing but piss, they do not sign an agreement on how they are going to behave. They just…do it.

You know where they do sign it? In kindergarden. Well, not actually sign it, but they do have a poster which says NO this and NO that and YES this and YES that. And now, they`ll put something similar in the parliament. Holy shit, right?

I said it many times, it`s not the monkeys in the zoo that bother me, it`s those people outside the zoo that decided they want those kinds of monkeys that make me think about IQ and the of the beautiful mind of man.

Another thing that does bother me with the monkeys is their train of thought. I mean seriously, would any of you even consider to say to someone “You know, you should go and check your sex organs, cause I don`t think you got the right set to match!” What the fuck is that ladies and gentlemen? Can anybody explain that? I mean, who is the right set of mind would even utter such a thing? And even more, in a public, well documented place? Well, of course, if the guy did not know he was not supposed to pay his own private lawsuit which he lost with the state`s money, I guess we can pardon him for saying a thing or too about vaginas and penises right? And on the other hand, who votes for such a schmuck? Who goes “I think I`ll vote for the asshole who will then rob me and claim he did not know he was not suppose to do that?” And no, I am not saying he is the sole voice of idiots in our country, but others…well…they are good at hiding it. While he is…as open as goatse (google for it).

But hey…life goes on.

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