Seamless. Isn`t that the correct term? I mean, if there`s no seams, then you are…well…you get my point.

Anyway, they said it`s looking well and that the whole thing would not leave a scar (damit! First no plaster and no cute girls to giggle and sign it and now, no scar??? What does a man have to do around here to get some…erm…skin disfiguration? Next time I am waiting for a truck to come by!). Felt good to be outside, eventhough I was, in my usual manner, overdressed (hey! you never know when the next ice age would strike!) and it was early in the morning.

Now, there just two more days for the wound to close up completely (we don`t want no water in my chin) and then it`s off to the sunny sea side. For medicine purposes, of course. Funny feeling when your arm muscles are just…there, doing nothing in particular. And they say swimming is the best therapy.

Nothing too shocking was happening these days, the usual sick bay scene, where you watch tons of movies, feel a little sorry for yourself, feel better when Baya is visiting and then watch another tons of movies (a revision of the Cohen brothers movies is coming along shortly).

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