You know the feeling when people are telling you you should not do something and then they tell you to do the exact thing you were forbidden to do for the past week?

I am witnessing something similar right now with my supposedly healed left elbow. It does not hurt when I move it and it`s (probably) fine and yet, there`s the pavlov effect. Sort of. So now, instead of using my left arm as my left arm was supposed to be used, I am nursing it and treating it like it`s made from porcelain or something. And just waiting for my bone to go Snap! Gah. Just imagining the sound makes me shiver. Snap! Brrr.

So I guess this is the last status check so far, unless I develop something exotic over night and everything turns upside down, so from now on, The L files are back, resuming the supply chain.

Which does not mean anything since I spent the last few days sitting at home being all sick and stuff. Hate that. There is no functional aspect to being sick. Except, getting well. And since I so successfully sunk my own theory about how being sick sucks, I`ll call it a day.

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