Month: June 2005


B: Should I join a DVD rent place? A: What`s the problem? B: I`m wondering if they are going to look at me funny if I return the dvds the same day I rent them. Cause you know, I watch movies fast. Usually with a 5.4X speed. — B: A […]

Family guy

Cartoon and todays agenda. Doing nothing out of the ordinary and even watching a little bit of television. They are reasonably funny. Another interesting phenomenon occured. Is it just me, or did TV really become a media that wraps the content around the adds and not the other way around? […]

Blogging the line…

It`s actually “Dragging the line“, a title from the Austin Powers movie soundtrack, performed by REM. It`s one of those “What to do” kind of days, which seem to test your creativity, making you remember to do or plan stuff. Planning is usually something you do before you actually do […]

You can blow it, too!

Ženska na vlaku: Meni se zdi boben izredno ritmičen inštrument — Woman on a train: I think a drum is extremely rhythmical instrument.