Oh. Sure Ted. I think you`re on to something here. Yes. Serious and unbiased media. Of course, you are a little late. Seriously, you are. You should…erm…go back in time. For about twenty years or so. Or bring everything you built so far with the war reports where kids smile and soldiers sing and the

said that he would rather die than face prison. Erm. Go ahead.

I am slowly getting tired of people bashing the journalists and the journalistic studies on FDV (faculty of social sciences). Seriously, the debates I am having border on horror movies. Bad ones. It`s either people who don`t know the first thing about journalistic studies, bashing over them, how the “foreign” programs are oh-so-much-better and on

How big is your head?

08.06.2005  •  Osebno1

There is a commercial floating around, a commercial for the national television, where there`s five (or six) puppets standing in row and one of them has a slightly bigger head than others. The caption reads “How much information can you take?” The whole thing seems a little bizzare to me. In a world which offers

both of the drivers were drunk behind the wheel.

Another one of “those” stories. You know, where you have to hear it twice to believe it. You probably heard it before, it was all over the news but if “The L Files” are your one and only contact with the world, I am talking about the PR scandal, where the government PR person sent

Completely clueless title

07.06.2005  •  Osebno1

So, the assault was repeated today. This time with a mission clear as a bell and Baya`s lil sis as the point man. Or should I say, the girl with the plan. Pants – swimming slippers – a bag. The mission was 66.6% successful, as we managed to obtain everything but the pants. But on

Brain dead

06.06.2005  •  Osebno1