Month: June 2005


So…another day, another car accident. Read about it here, here and here. Let`s recap. “At 4.25 two car crashed. Opel Vectra with seven (7) passengers and VW Golf with two (2) passengers. The result was 6 injured, three of them died. ” OK. Read that again. Yes. 7 people. It […]

Little pieces of paper

Little pieces of paper

This is turning into a weekend review. Sometimes, so many things happen at once that the only thing you can do is backtrack and hope you remember it all the way it went. Which throws the good ole chronos out the window. Unlike today, the heat was way up on […]

Mission: Shopping

It is a mission. A military exercise. Always was, always will be. No question about it. And going shopping with someone requires a great deal of concentration, strenght and stamina. Friday afternoon is most certainly not a good time to shop. Proven by yours truly and Baya. The location: BTC, […]

Of people

This is a psychological-sociological post about people. You know, homo sapiens and such. Which are so different from one another that you sometimes wonder if we really all came from the same rib. And if maybe, a little piggy did not help out with the genesis of some of us. […]


Pre-reading. Now the dutch said “no” too. Actually, they said “nee” but you get the picture. It`s funny isn`t it? First they were all like “oh, look at the pretty colors and the stars and the EU4Life…” and now they are all like “this sucks, let`s get the fuck out […]

I think I might have started a trend…

This was in my e-mail this morning (slovene only, but it`s th equivalent of this) — Zdravo, jaz sem Branimir in trpim za groznimi občutki krivde, ker ne pošiljam naprej 50 miljard zafukanih verižnih pisem, ki mi jih pošljejo ljudje, ki dejansko verjamejo, da bodo s tem neki šestletni punčki […]

How to kill a mock…fucking bird

There really is just one sollution to this problem. You cannot talk to them. You cannot convince them it`s in all`s best interest if they would kindly fuck off. The only thing they understand is lead. And chirping. And I am NOT chirping. I don`t know why they decided to […]