Month: July 2005

The carny

It`s not unusual to be sad on a carneval. Especially if you are walking through it alone. You start noticing things. The sad lone drinkers who are sitting and chewing their beer slowly, as if sipping it and spitting it back into the plastic cup. The kids with big eyes […]

Pimp my ride

First, you clean off the blood stains (I always wanted to say that). Off of my bike of course. Which looked like it came from one of the CSI episodes. Then you check the tires and notice that the first one is flat. All the way. You take off the […]

Seaside report #6 – Book worm

It`s amazing that despite all the moving, taking photos, swimming, eating and so forth, I still managed to read three books while away. So this is a quick review of the trinity. Irwin Shaw – The young lions Perfect summer read. Second world war scenery, covered from three sides. German, […]


Magnifico Album: Sexy boy Title: Ljubljana-Portorož * Bil je lep poletni dan, po senu je dišalo in v avtu sem bil sam, in začutil tisti znani nemir, obrnem se, da naredim še en đir. In naenkrat jo vidim, stala je tam, ni bila fata morgana amak ona iz sanj ustavim […]

Seaside report #5 – Goddamn kids!

First off, this is all based on a couple we ran into. Please forgive the generalization. While on vacation, we ran into Baya`s friends. She is 23. He is 25. She is pregnant. Although risking the wrath of pregnant people and young parents through-out the world, I think pregnancy should […]

I see…

I am not an alcoholic, I live here. — Nisem alkoholik, jaz tukaj živim!