Went to the coast yesterday, with a slight feeling that maybe I should be someplace else. But then again, being “there” would not help much either so I guess going to see my grandparents was the best solution. Changing focus.

Some say I handled the thing pretty good for the first time, but I cannot help to feel slightly annoyed at myself for even reacting in any way.

It seems we are walking into phase two (if phases like these even exists) of a relationship where more people are entering it and we have to deal with that. We are normal after all and plan not to live in isolation for the rest of our days (or the next fifty years when our contract expires).

I guess the whole thing would go a lot smoother if there weren`t other factors involved, like my crummy past and this stupid injury that made me stay home for the past few days.

Moving on…

The holiday plans are going along nicely. Koper might not be Tunisia, but I think that since the basics are being covered (Baya is coming along, we can stay as long as we want, it`s free and there`s sea, sun and beach) I think we`ll manage. And my grandmother calls her Barbie. Hehe.

The tricky thing is packing. Always. No matter where I go, there`s always something I forget or manage to overpack. Like when you go skiing, who bothers to pack swimsuits? Well, turns out there`s an indoor swimming pool. You go mountain climbing, who bothers to take flip-flops? Turns out you cannot walk around the cabin in your hiking boots. And so forth and so on.

The next problem is I hate luggage. No matter where or when, I hate travelling with more I can carry in one hand. Which sucks. Cause then you either compromise and bring just the necessities or bring too little. So, here`s a question for you…what to pack? Knock yourself in the comments.

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