I guess one week of general juckiness (what a…mature term) was enough. It always makes me wonder if it`s really the drugs that helped or did my body just went “Fuck it! this is boring, let`s do something else now!“.

Be it as it may, I am going to work today. And maybe it`ll be fun. As some of you have noticed, my gallery is shot to shit and I have to reorganize it. So that`s a day of shuffling photos up and down and filling in the blanks. The thing with shuffling and me is, I never JUST shuffle. No matter what I do, I always delete something or find something useless and throw it away. And then a week later, I find myself needing the exact thing I threw in the garbage a week ago. C`est la vie.

— a few hours later—

There, managed to screw up just my half of the gallery, since I did not know that the Gallery supports recursive importing. Nifty indeed. Anyway, the whole thing is up and running, a few minor changes have been made but nothing too serious.

And it took me less than twenty minutes. Damn. I thought it was going to be a day project, that lots of cursing would be involved and that I`d eventually fall back back on version 1. Guess I was wrong.

So…what now?


Aha! I knew it. Not everything went according to the plan. Turns out the URLs are handled differently, so none of the photos in the “photoblog” section of this blog is showing. Nifty.

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