this post will be short and to the point withouth any puncuation marks because i don`t feel like putting them in so you`ll have to excuse me for being artistic today of course I will not write the whole book in this style and call myself one of the greatest writers of the 20th century but what the hell you have to start somewhere right so here I am still trying to get my arms working properly, cursing the weather which is causing me to act like a sloth which is no good cause then you get a feeling of uselessness and an overall crappiness have to keep the pressure up I also decided to do a slovenian equivalent of how to learn swedish in 1000 difficult lessons and naming it surprisingly how to learn slovene in wait for it 1002 painful lessons if there is any interest out there let me know and we will proceed accordingly other than that there is nothing much to report i am getting better by the day and hopefully this pressure thing will be gone by tomorrow when i will try and write a more composed and thoughtful post about how my brain works the end

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