I do not know if such a thing even exist in the real world. I mean, not that the name does not exist, but that it`s in coherrence with my definition of it (my, what language).

Anyway, you remember the movie of course. And you without a doubt remember the scene at the end of the movie, where they are saying goodbye, standing next to a car. And Schindler has a nervous breakdown, seeing that “he could have done so much more“.

You ever get the same feeling? Feeling of doing less than you are capable and able of doing? That there is a whole sea of opportunities for you to grab, but you are not? And they seemingly slip in-between your fingers?

And then someone, eye of the beholder so to speak, has to step in and calm you down? Telling you, like Itzak Stern said to Schindler, “he who saves one life, saves the world entire?” so that you feel if only but a little calmer?

Why do some of us think little of our own work and our own doings and on the other hand feel that others are doing so much more?

Something to ponder over a cup of tea I guess…

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