Slovene language has three sexes. Feminine, masculine and neutro sex. They differ at so many things that it`s almost impossible to mix them up. However, on the dark side of the force so to speak, there are so many rules and so many exceptions that it`ll make your head spin. But even that works as you can always get a job at the circus.

The best way to recognize the sexual orientation of a word is to check its ending.

Female words are the easiest as they usually end on -A (example mačkA – a cat, knjigA – a book, televizijA – a television). Now, the problem is that not all female words end on A (example peseM – a song, kleT – a basement, reČ – a thing). On the good side, almost everything that is female ends on -A, so the odds of success are 90% and up.

Male words are a tad heavier as they have a wider range of endings. They can end on almost every letter (except on A) and the best way to recognize it is to get out the dictionary and look up every individual word. Sucks, I know. But you have to start somewhere.

Bringing up the rear is neutro sex. No, not that one. These words usually end on -O (kolO – a bike, a wheel, sovraštvO – hatred, oknO – window).

This is the introduction in the sex of slovene words. Just so that you know there are three different sexes, each with its own characteristics.

Homework – Spot that sex! and Post your questions!

Hrana (food)
Pošta (mail)
Kondom (a condom)
Telefon (a phone)
Koren (a carrot)
Pečica (an oven)
Nasmeh (a smile)
Morje (the sea)
Avtomobil (a car)
Denar (money)

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