Although we are leaving for the sunny sea side on Tuesday and there are three more days to go before we take the train and leave it all behind (for at least three weeks), you can never start packing too early. Or at least think about packing, since I`ll have only one day to get all the stuff together, seeing how I`ll spend the weekend at Baya and then come home for change of clothes and a sleep-over, only to be gone the next day.

Preparations are the key and I always took great pleasure in planning and putting small pieces into place, getting everything ready so that when that morning comes, I`ll just pick my bag and go. Unlike some people I know who pick their bag, go and them come back three times before they remember to get all the stuff they need.

I guess packing adds something to the excitement, it`s a modern ritual of moving and the more you are looking forward to pack, the more pleasure will you get out of the entire trip. And seeing how this will be the first time me and Baya take a vacation together, I should start packing weeks ago.

Personally I hate a lot of luggage. You never know what will happen and you can bet your ass that if you are trotting four suitcases of stuff, you are going to miss whatever it is that will happen because you will be too busy lugging all that shit around. I simply do not understand people who pack with redundancy, taking stuff they won`t really need but take anyway cause “you never know when a meteor might struck down and cause an eternal night“.

Of course, on the other hand I am not too fond of just taking off, dropping everything and just running with the flow. Some planning is necessary, unless you want to be stuck in the middle of the desert only to realise you forgot your water bottle. Figuratively speaking of course.

Blogging about packing and blogging a list of things you are going to take is another one of those aspects of blogging which would look interesting in a research paper about blogging. Seriously, writing down stuff on a blog, sharing them with others has to be one of the most stupidest things you can write about on a blog. Seriously, c`mon. It goes hand in hand with blogging about what you ate that day or how many episodes of “The Simpsons” did you see.

The only thing useful about posting your list is that you can be reminded about forgetting something or taking something unecessary. And since I have my own perfect packing list, I don`t need your advices thank you very much. I also won`t post such ridiculous questions about what`s the weather like and is it really that hot down there. No sir. Not this cookie.

And since I will be offline for the duration of the holiday, this blog is going to be suspended. This means that this is the second-to-last post and that you ought to come back somewhere in the end of July to see if I am still alive. There will be no guest bloggers, there will be no automated posts and there will be no other fancy things bloggers usually do when they leave for the holiday.

The house will just stand stiff still for a while. You can handle that, can you?

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