First off, this is all based on a couple we ran into. Please forgive the generalization.

While on vacation, we ran into Baya`s friends. She is 23. He is 25. She is pregnant. Although risking the wrath of pregnant people and young parents through-out the world, I think pregnancy should be forbidden until the person is at least 30 years old. Or people who are recently pregnant or/and had recently gave birth, should be forbidden to go out with non-pregnant people until the baby has finished high school.

Why, you might ask?

You see, people who are pregnant think that non-pregnant ones are avoiding the responsibility. Sure, the plan is to get knocked up as soon as possible and then bother everybody around you how they should do it too. Erm…right, but thanks. I`ll just live MY life for a while.

Second, I especially don`t like to be told that by people who then take great lenghts of time admiring the barbecue. You heard me. Admiring. Going “Whoa, check out that barbecue!” and drooling like it was…I don`t know. A six feet shark doing polka. People like that should be forbidden to multiply. And then again, those are the exact people that do multiply.

A true “lost for words” moment.

A solution?

Pregnant people and people with little babies are to be taken in small dosages. An hour per day. Or week. Cause seriously, as much as kids are cute and all, parents seem to (d)evolve in some kinds of…idiots.

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