It went better than expected. Way better. I know it sounds corny, but these were the best summer seaside vacations ever. The most amazing part at the whole thing was that we did every single thing imaginable. We practically drained the seaside and exploit it to the maximum. From swimming our asses off every day, exploring the coastal towns from Piran on one end to Debeli rtič on the other, from eating out and getting high on sea food and wine to doing each and every single thing imaginable.

It went better than expected because up until now, these summer vacations were usually heavily based on just one of those things, but this time, it was like we have a world of time on our hands and at the same time we slept till noon.

First time for everything I guess since this was the first time for me to stand in the first row on a (Magnifico and Ska Cubano) concert, singing and dancing with the masses. And liking it a lot. It was also the first time that I spent my vacation with my girlfriend, first time that I did not spent most of my time sitting down, complaining about the heat and on and on and on…

You can see the whole gallery here, I`ll probably post some of them individually.

All in all, high five.

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