Seaside report #4 – Screaming


Seriously. I truly and utterly do not get the people who go on a holiday and then scream. At their kids, at each other, at others. The point of a vacation is to relax, kick back and enjoy the sun, sea and other fine things. And not to scream your lungs out on each and every occasion.

This does not mean that people don`t do exactly that and so we witnessed

a) a screaming kid being dragged by his mother out of a restaurant
b) a mother yelling at her kids to hurry up
c) kids screaming at each other for no apparent reason
d) an almost endless exchange of “yes-you-did-no-I-didn`t
e) screaming au general

I really do not get that.


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  1. ill-advised

    I think the reason for screaming is the same as usually: the situation does not match their expectations, and they are impatient about this fact and therefore begin to scream. It’s true, as you say, that people go to vacations with the goal of relaxing and enjoying the sun; but this is precisely the reason why they get annoyed and start screaming if they notice that things aren’t going as they had planned and/or hoped for, and that something is endangering their programme of relaxing and enjoying the sun. Going to the seaside with a view to relaxing does not make one magically able to stoically tolerate whatever bullshit happens to him/her.

    Besides, if they are used to screaming for the remaining 50 weeks of the year, it’s probably difficult for them to just move into some kind of relaxed/tolerant mode as if at the switch of a button. If screaming is the regular part of the way one responds to certain kinds of events, we cannot realistically expect this to change while the person is on a holiday.

    Perhaps the excessive summertime heat also tends to make people a bit grumpier than usually.


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